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April 20, 2018

Outlook 2016 Calendar View Permissions


This article is designed to guide Outlook 2016 users through the access levels and settings for sharing their calendar to other people.


Calendar permissions in Outlook 2016 are designed to show your calendar to anyone you wish at a desired detailed level ranging from everything to nothing at all. This article will provide an overview of how roles are assigned and the access that each role provides.

Using the Desktop app

Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac use the same methodology in assigning roles to whomever you decide. The route getting to those settings differs by operating system.


April 29, 2011

Manage Duck ID


This article is designed to provide information to help you manage your Duck ID.

What is your Duck ID?

Your Duck ID is the username portion or first part of your UO email that comes before the “” (example:

If you don’t have an UO email account, it is likely that you still need to claim your Duck ID. For more information about your Duck ID please click here.

Change your password

Go to and login to change your password or click on Forget Password?

Vacation Auto-responder

Please go to and fill out the form to enable the responder.

Note: At the end of your vacation you need to use the same form to disable the vacation responder. This can also be done within your preferred mail client (Exchange, Gmail, Mac Mail).

View Quota

Quota is the term used to identify the parameters of your network share folder provided for University-affiliated people.

To view your University of Oregon email quota please go to to view the information.

Spam Filtering

This feature allows for users to block messages coming from undesired senders. It utilizes the Proofpoint system to manage email whitelists and blacklists at the domain level.

To view/change spam filtering for University of Oregon email please click here.

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