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Adding content to WordPress menus


This page is designed to guide WordPress users through the process of adding content to a menu.


The image below focuses on adding a custom–or external–link to a menu.

You will need to have access to the site dashboard in order to proceed:

  1. From the Navigation menu, hover over Appearance then click Menus
    1. Select the menu you want to edit from the drop down list then click Select
  2. Click on the content section you wish to add (in this case Custom Links)
    1. For custom links, you need to add the target URL (the site address to which you wish to link) and…
    2. What you want the link text to say
    3. Click Add To Menu
  3. The new content will (by default) appear at the bottom of the menu structure
  4. If you wish, hover over the content rectangle and click-and-drag when you see a crosshairs cursor. Release the mouse button to set in place
    1. You can drag the box to the left to make it a subitem or sub-subitem. You’ll see a dotted box
  5. Click Save Menu to save any changes.