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CASIT Training Session: Information Security Basics – 5/29

Today, we increasingly see news reports about popular websites being hacked, and people falling victim to email scams and viruses. Protect your computer and sensitive data by using strong passphrases, practicing safe web browsing habits, and identifying scam emails. Learn how at the CASIT Training Session: “Information Security Basics”. Read on for details and registration information.

When: Wednesday, 5/29/2013. 11:00AM Р12:30PM

Where: SSIL Small Lab, 445 McKenzie Hall

Information Security Basics will cover:

  • Creating strong, easy-to-remember passphrases
  • Recognizing and reporting phishing and scam emails
  • Configuring spam filtering for UO email
  • Safely browsing the web
  • Anti-virus software options for Mac OS and Windows
  • Keeping your Mac OS or Windows computer updated
  • Security for your mobile device
  • How CASIT can provide one-on-one assistance for your security needs

Space may be limited. To register, please fill out this form.

For more information about CASIT’s training sessions, including course materials, training calendars and more, visit the CASIT Training Website: This page is under active development so check back often for new content.