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Microsoft Stream Overview

This article is designed to provide an overview on Microsoft Stream for Office 365 users. Stream allows users to upload videos, add subtitles to those videos, and embed their content into other services (UO Blogs websites, Canvas, etc.)

What is Stream?

Microsoft Stream is part of the Office 365 suite of applications and is found through the UO Office 365 website. It is similar to other video streaming services (like YouTube and Vimeo) and it is deployed within our campus site-license of Office 365 which is available for everyone on campus.

Where is Stream on campus?

You can find Stream through the More Apps section of Office 365 at or you can go to and sign-in with your Duck ID and password.

What can Stream do?

Stream allows its users to look through the library of existing videos as well as the ability to upload your own videos and manage a personal page that allows for content organization using Channels, and adding an audience through Groups (which can be tied to existing Office 365 Groups as well)

1. Menu of primary features, 2. Highlighted content slideshow 3. Instructional videos

The Stream home page is laid out in the following manner:

  1. Users can discover new content, add new content, and manage their own content
  2. Featured content will appear in the slideshow
  3. Instructional videos for Stream guide users through additional features
  4. Trending videos and popular channels are organized below the instructional videos
  5. Settings, sharing, and notifications are grouped on the upper-right of the window

Links to Additional Content

  • How to create a Stream video with captions/subtitles (under development)
  • How to embed a Stream video into Canvas (under development)
  • How to embed a Stream video into UO Blogs (under development)