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Building survey questions


This article is designed to assist in the creation of good survey questions. Each of the seven attributes listed below will keep your surveys focused and efficient for gathering data.

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Keep It Simple

When writing, keep the question succinct. The more direct the question, the better data you will collect.

  • Example:
    • “What is your favorite color?”

Keep It Specific

Make sure the question phrasing is focused.

  • Example:
    • What to avoid asking: “What do you think of the coffee shop down the street?”
    • You could ask: “Do you think Espresso Roma has good muffins?”

Make It Individual

Try to avoid multi-part questions.

  • If you need to, split up the parts into separate questions or implement a form of question logic

Make It Exhaustive

Every question should have an answer. If a question has multiple answers–but not every conceivable answer–allow for an additional answer option marked “Other” and put in a text box for specifics.

Make It Optional

If you know of a question that asks for a potentially sensitive answer, try to avoid asking it.
If you need to ask the question, be sure to provide the rationale and provide an option to not answer specifically.

  • Example: What is your yearly household income?
    • Possible rationale: This question is for analytical purposes. You may opt to not answer this question.

Keep It Neutral

Write questions that avoid the use of lead up statements. Lead up statements can skew data.

  • Example: Over the last three years, CASIT has won awards for their exceptional customer service. How was your experience?
    • This question can incite more extreme answers, good or bad.

Make It Balanced

If a question has conditional answers (e.g. Likert scale questions), be sure that there are an equal amount of positive and negative options available.

  • Example: Strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree.

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