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(WP) Background

Some themes will allow you change the background of your page to a color or an image.

Choosing a solid color for a background is the best call, as it will be the least busy but still allow you to show a bit of personal flair.

If you decide to use an image, we recommend you do not use anything busy, for example very bright and clashing colors, or photographs. These will make it difficult to read your page and may frustrate your readers.

An example of a good choice would be this image from, that is meant to be tiled, similar to real-life wallpaper. This a good choice because:

  • The colors are muted and do not clash
  • The pattern is not terribly busy
  • This particular image is meant to be “seamless” in that the left edge links up with the next tile’s right edge

An example of a potentially bad choice would be this image from, for these reasons:

  • There is a high degree of contrast (difference between colors)
  • The pattern is VERY busy
  • The pattern is an optical illusion which can appear to move, and may make your readers ill or hurt their eyes.