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(WP) Menus

Allows you to alter the content of the main navigational menu of your blog.

Custom menu sounds like you can add an additional menu somewhere, and that’s what we initially thought. But it turns out the Menus section under Appearance actually lets you alter the main navigational menu in your blog.

By default, the main navigational menu looks something like this (depending on your theme, it may be vertical, on a different spot on the page, different colors and so on):

It shows a “Home” link to your site’s homepage, and links to any top-level Pages you have created. In many themes, subpages will be displayed by hovering over the main page link.

Using Custom Menus, you can set these links to whatever you want. You can even get rid of Home, although it’s not recommended because it will make navigating your site harder:


As a general rule, it’s best to use these main menus as navigational links for the main organizational areas of your site’s Pages (static information). For example, if you were using your site as a hub for information about your current research project, you might have menus like:

  • Home
  • About the Researcher
  • Goals and structure of this project
  • Related work
  • Research team
  • Experiment equipment

If you are using the site as a page for your class, you might have menus like:

  • Home
  • Syllabus
  • Index of weekly assignments
  • Additional class resources

It’s up to you what to name the menus and what to include in them. Use these as ideas and examples, then do what works best for your site’s purpose!