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(WP) Site Intro

An option on some themes that gives you a spot for some brief text expounding the purpose and/or summary of your site.

Think of this like the “Hello! Welcome to my site! Here you will find…” sort of text that you find on many webpages.

You could put the expectations for your course:

“This term in Photography 101, we will develop an understanding of what makes a strong photo: lighting choices, composition, subject matter and use of equipment. Lectures will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 pm, with a mandatory lab section on either Thursday or Friday.”

Or you could put a little blurb about your thoughts on the importance of the topic:

“Space is the final frontier. We all know this quote–but how true is it? How much does our future as humans depend on our exploration of the stars? Astronomy strives to answer that question. (…etc)”

You could also just put a piece of info you can’t find any other place for:

“Office hours: TR 10-12, F by appointment.”

It’s up to you–just don’t make it too wordy. Save the detailed, lengthy paragraphs for pages or posts.