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(WP) Widgets

Widgets are compact little tools that typically go on the side of your page to help your readers navigate.

Widgets are much like the Dashboard tools in OSX, or the Windows Sidebar Widgets in Windows Vista or 7. Some of the ways widgets can help you navigate:

  • By date
  • By a keyword search
  • By categories
  • To other links
  • To friends’ blogs

Widgets can also serve extra functions other than navigation, such as:

  • Image feature
  • Random notes
  • A spot for readers to subscribe

To add Widgets to your site:

  1. Click Widgets under Appearance on your dashboard. Some themes may have extra Widgets that others don’t; many, however, will be the same.
  2. Check out the Widgets, noting the description that appears under each Widget’s title.
  3. To place them, click on a Widget title that sounds good and drag it into one of the boxes on the right that are associated with sidebars, parts of the page or other special areas.