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(WP) Site Creation (in depth)

To sign up for a site, go to

For course sites, please review the information provided at

For personal sites, please review the information provided at

When you are ready to create a site, click on the “Login” tab.



On the following page, click on “Use My DuckID”. Enter your DuckID credentials.


After you have entered your credentials, you will see your Profile page. You may fill in any of the fields, though “Nickname” is required. A first name, full name, or nickname can be used.

Next, click Dashboard on the left side of the screen and then click on My Sites. Then click on Create a New Site.



On the next page, fill out the following information to create a new site.

Site Name

The site name will follow as part of your site’s URL. For example, entering “yourname” will create a site with the URL

Site Title

This text will display at the top of any web browser when it visits your site and it will be displayed in search engine results if you choose to allow your site to be visible on search engines.


This allows you to choose the language used in the Dashboard administrative area of your site.


These are your privacy options for your site:



Search Engine Blocked

  • Your site will be blocked from appearing in search engine results, but will otherwise be visible on the UO Blogs blog listing.


Visitors must have a login – anyone that is a registered user of University of Oregon Sites can gain access.

  • Your site will not be viewable unless a visitor registers for an account on UO Blogs.


Only registered users of this blogs can have access – anyone found under Users > All Users can have access.

  • Your site is viewable only by users that you add to your site.


Only administrators can visit – good for testing purposes before making it live.

  • Your site is only viewable by administrators of your site. You can add administrators under Users.


Anyone that visits must first provide this password

  • Your site is only viewable by visitors that know the password that you enter in this field. You can change this password at any time in Privacy Settings.


Here you can pick your school, college or department.

Click on “Create Site”. Your site will be created and you will be taken to your site’s Dashboard.