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(WP) What is Edublogs?

Edublogs is a company that contracts with educators, schools, districts and university campuses to provide a venue for students and teachers to engage in the learning process on the internet via their own personal web space.

Edublogs gives everyone the chance to easily create multiple sites (sometimes referred to as blogs) without any difficulty or knowledge of web design or HTML. It utilizes the flexible, user-friendly WordPress interface for managing and adding content to sites. Best of all, you can make any post or page as private or as public as you like.

Here’s just a few options one could use their Edublogs site for (taken straight from Edublogs):

  • Group projects
  • Portfolios
  • School newspapers
  • Reflection journals
  • Class websites

You can also use the service for a personal site about:

  • A topic or subject you are interested in
  • A collaboration of colleagues on a particular subject
  • A hub for a research project
  • Departmental websites

For a logical, train-of-thought walkthrough of the process of setting up a site with Edublogs, head on over to the Quick Guide to Site Creation.