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ArcGIS License Server Update


This article is designed to guide ArcGIS users through the process of updating their license server address in ArcGIS Administrator. ESRI and Information Services are working to upgrade a Windows 2008 Server that is currently in place to a new server with a new address. Since ESRI is unable to point to the new server address, this article will assist in that effort.

The new server address will be activated on March 26th, 2019.

Any failure to make any adjustment of the license server after this date may lead to ArcGIS becoming inoperable for the user.


Go into the Windows Start Menu and click on the ArcGIS folder then select ArcGIS Administrator

Upon opening the program, you will see the ArcGIS Administrator overview screen, from there:

1. Select Desktop, 2. Click Change... to proceed.

  1. Select Desktop from the file structure then,
  2. Click Change… to change the license server address

Enter new server address into the field.


  • Type in the new server address: into the License Manager field then select OK to proceed.

Click Apply to finish the process.

  • Click Apply to save all changes and to finish the process.

You may close the ArcGIS Administrator Program and resume using ArcGIS.

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