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DuckWeb and Duck ID Self-Help Overview

This article is designed for University-affiliated people who need to change the information on their DuckWeb and Duck ID accounts due to a phishing attack. Please follow the instructions below for self-remediation.

If anyone in your academic or administrative unit has clicked on a phishing link and entered their DuckWeb and/or Duck ID credentials, they should take the following steps immediately:


The process below will guide you through how to log-in to DuckWeb, change your personal access code (PAC), and how to view your direct deposit information and the steps needed to change it if necessary.

Log in to DuckWeb

Log into DuckWeb at

DuckWeb login screen

Alternatively, from the UO homepage, select Faculty/Staff in the upper right. Then, under Administrative Tools, select Duckweb

DuckWeb link on UO homepage

Change PAC (Personal Access Code)

Select Personal Information

DuckWeb Personal Information link

Select Change PAC

DuckWeb Personal Information Screen, Change PAC link highlighted

Follow the directions to change your PAC

DuckWeb Change PAC screen

Follow the Info to ensure your new PAC is accepted

  • Must be exactly six characters
  • May contain alphanumeric characters only
  • Must have at least one alpha (A-Z) and one numeric (0-9) character
  • The PAC is case-sensitive

Verify and change direct deposit information

The process below will allow you to view your direct deposit information to verify that it is correct and the steps you would need to take in order to add or change direct deposit information.

Select Employee Information

DuckWeb Personal Information

Select Pay Information

DuckWeb Employee Information screen

Select Direct Deposit

DuckWeb Pay Information Screen

Check the bank account information listed. If it is correct, you are all set.

Changing Direct Deposit Allocation

If the information is incorrect, select Update Direct Deposit Allocation to correct it.

DuckWeb Pay Allocation Screen

Enter the following information for updating your direct deposit information:

DuckWeb Update Payroll Direct Deposit Allocation

In the Add Allocation section, be sure to add the following to update your direct deposit:

  • Enter your Bank Routing Number and Account Number at the minimum in the designated fields.
  • (Optional) If you decide to divide your pay to different accounts, enter the percentage you wish to deposit to this account
  • Ensure that you have the Payroll Deposit and Employee Reimbursement and Student Refund boxes checked
  • You will need to check the box authorizing the University to make the payments indicated to the designated account.
  • Select the No, this deposit is going only to the bank I already designated above option, then click Save to complete the process.

Click EXIT on the upper-right corner of the window to log out safely.

Duck ID

The process below will guide you through the steps of changing your Duck ID password and updating your security questions.

Managing your Duck ID

Go to Duck ID Self-Service at

Select Manage Your Duck ID


Log in with your Duck ID (not your 95#) and password

Duck ID Manage Log in

Change your Duck ID password using the Change Your Password option


Change the answers to their security questions using the Update Security Questions and Answers option

Duck ID Change Security Questions

Once you’ve set your security questions, click Save Answers to finish the process and log out of the service before closing your browser.